The Pinnacle of Stripe Therapy

What is Stripe Therapy ?

Simply put… It’s the feeling of relief when you get home from a long day to those gorgeous lines in your grass. It’s the sweet smell of fresh cut grass. It’s knowing YOU didn’t have to spend hours manicuring your stamp in the world!

Our goal is to finish each project and leave with a smile on our faces and pride in our hearts on your job well done. The biggest accomplishment that we have is to know that same smile

and pride will fill you as you arrive home to your Stripe Therapy.

Sculpt Your Perfect Retreat

Your lawn & landscape are the FIRST thing you, or any visitor, sees as they approach your home. Let us ensure that the sight they have is one of a pristine, manicured lawn!

Our goal is to get you spending more time with your family & friends in the Retreat you’ve crafted. Let us help!

We want to be a solution for all of your home or commercial needs. From planning out your new water feature to caring for your lawns’ stripes, we will be here for you! Here are a few of the services we provide, but we are far from limited to them! Ask for special project information!

Our Services

Striped Lawns

Striped lawns are a stunning sight to behold. The carefully mowed alternating patterns of light and dark green create a sense of depth and texture. They add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space and are a sign of a meticulous gardener or landscaper. A striped lawn is a sure way to impress guests and neighbors alike.


Beautifully manicured landscaping creates an inviting and serene atmosphere. The precise trimming of hedges, lush green lawns, and vibrant flower beds can elevate any outdoor space. It’s a testament to the care and attention given to a property and enhances its overall curb appeal.

Land Mgmt

Effective land management practices can help combat climate change, prevent soil erosion, and preserve biodiversity, contributing to the overall health of ecosystems and supporting sustainable development goals.

Specialty Mowing

Mowing stripes in is one thing, but doing so in a difficult terrain requires specialized training and skills. Our team is well equipped with both to tackle your project.

Some of Our Work

These are just a few quick samples of some of our work. It’s important to note the attention to detail we carry into every project. Whether it’s a standard mowing and trim OR a full yard overhaul… They all require and deserve the attention to detail we bring to you!

Take pictures of the jobs we’ve done at your home and use #stripetherapy to be showcased with us!

Let’s Get Started

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your Clayton Property Solution!

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